When you need a custom bracket, brace, hanger, mount, or support connector, we can fabricate them in a variety of metals including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.


We manufacture custom brackets from your sketch or drawing, including DXF, DWG and solid models.


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Spray Paint Can Bracket
13GA Aluminum
Food Equipment Bracket
14GA 304SS
Automotive Hanger Bracket
11GA 304SS
Speaker Bracket
7GA 304SS
Conveyor Bracket
7GA 316SS
Amp Mount Bracket
16GA Aluminum with Black Powdercoat
Adjusting Slide Bracket
13GA Steel
Light Mount Bracket
14GA 304SS
Door Bracket
.250 Brushed Stainless Steel


Low To High Volume Runs, Including Prototypes

MetalFab Group is able to accommodate both small and larger runs, from a single prototype to 2,500 and more. We have a variety of capabilities all under one roof, with the technical knowledge and expertise to fully support your needs.


Common Bracket Styles Include:

• Laser Cut And Folded
• Laser Cut And Welded
• Laser Cut And Mechanically Fastened

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A Variety Of Materials

MetalFab Group is comfortable working with any many metals and we stock hundreds of different grades and thicknesses of the following:

CRS and HRPO from low carbon to high carbon from .024” to 1.ooo” thick
Stainless Steel
304 and 316 from .024” to .750” thick in mill, brushed, polished and plate
5052 and 6061 from .035” to .500” thick

Let Us Bring Our Diverse Experience To Your Project


We Support A Variety Of Industries and Customers Including:

  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Telecommunications
  • Waste Management
  • Automotive
  • Restaurant
  • Power Generation
  • Lighting
  • Medical
  • Electrical
  • Mining
  • Fitness
  • Packaging
  • Automation
  • Marine
  • Material Handling
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Woodworking/Cabinetry
  • Safety
  • Food Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Specialty Plumbing


Examples Of Our Bracket Applications And Styles

  • Instrument/control Panels
  • Enclosure Brackets
  • Frames/weldments Brackets
  • Electrical Boxes Brackets
  • Machine Guarding Brackets
  • Shelving Brackets
  • Conveyors Brackets
  • Signage Brackets
  • Light Fixtures Brackets
  • Hardware Fastening Brackets
  • Counter Tops/table Brackets
  • Beam Connectors
  • Fence Brackets
  • Electrical Brackets
  • Plumbing Brackets
  • Industrial Use Brackets
  • Packaging Brackets
  • Safety Guards
  • Sign Display Brackets
  • Electronics Brackets
  • Computer Brackets
  • Instrument Brackets
  • Home Decor Brackets
  • Countertop Brackets
  • Curtain Mount Brackets
  • Shelf Brackets
  • Connector Mounting Brackets
  • Cable Retaining Brackets
  • Support Brackets
  • Compressor Brackets
  • Tantalum Brackets
  • PC Board Brackets
  • Power Supply Brackets
  • Loop Detector Brackets
  • Terminal Mounting Brackets
  • Data Port Connector Brackets
  • Belt Tensioner Brackets
  • Voting Machine Brackets
  • Switch Brackets
  • Fiber Optic Brackets
  • Rack Brackets
  • Power Strip Brackets
  • Automotive Brackets/Hangers
  • Marine Brackets
  • Construction Brackets
  • Wall Brackets
  • Shelf Brackets
  • Arm Brackets
  • Angle Brackets
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Hanging Brackets
  • Harness Brackets
  • Folding Brackets
  • Tank Brackets
  • Server Brackets
  • Home Utility Brackets
  • Wall Mount Brackets
  • Point Of Sale Brackets
  • Display Brackets
  • Drawers Brackets
  • Electrical Brackets
  • Electrical Control Equipment
  • Custom Brackets
  • Industrial Brackets
  • Medical Equipment Brackets
  • Instrument Brackets
  • Aircraft Brackets
  • Battery Brackets
  • Speaker Brackets
  • Data / Lan Storage Brackets

or call us at 440.543.6234