What To Expect.

MetalFab Group has worked with a wide range of projects from a variety of clients. Whether you’re an engineer, a buyer, or totally uninitiated to the industry, we will work with you to make sure you are comfortable every step of the way.



The first step in our process is understanding some of the basics of your project. Whether it is complex or seemingly simple, we take the time to understand each project’s application and needs.



After we have an overall idea of the scope of the project, we can begin on the quoting phase. To create a quote we need a dimensional print. A dimensional print could be something as simple as a sketch on a napkin with dimensions indicated, to a full scale CAD file. We also need to consider the material (type and thickness) as well as the desired quantities.

Needed For Quote:
> Dimensions
> Material Type & Thickness
> Quantities
> Contact info

Once we have the required specifications we will get you a quote back within 24 hours. We’ll restate the details and give you a price breakdown. Depending on the project type, we might also give options and/or deviations to either reduce cost or improve quality.

At this point it is up to you to either approve and accept the quote, or to call for a re-quote that might call out specific changes, updates or variations.



Upon approval of the quote, we then move the project to an official order status. Each order is accompanied by a print to which each phase of production will use to measure tolerances and accuracy. In the case that you did not supply a solid model or DXF file for your quote, we can create one for your approval.

Accepted File Types:
> Solid models (CAD files)



Once your order has been created, we can then move your project into production where we will begin fabrication.