MetalFab Group is your expert partner to build a custom exhaust for your small engine application.


MetalFab Group and Stainless Works have 20+ years building exhaust systems for performance cars, generators, and marine applications. We have all the technology and expertise to build your exhaust system application in-house with American materials and fabricators.


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Briggs and Stratton Muffler
Mudboat muffler kit to replace corroded stock system. Made from 316 Stainless ...
Mustang GT Long Tube Header System
Complete header system to replace restrictive stock manifolds on a Ford V8 ...
Camaro SS Axleback
Exhaust system kit to upgrade the sound and performance. Made from 304 ...
X-Pipe Crossover
Chevy exhaust system component used to improve airflow
Lincoln Electric Generator Tip
Component Parts for Any Application
Muffler Components
Mudboat Muffler Exhaust Tray



MetalFab Group is able to accommodate both small and large quantities, from a single prototype to 2,500 and more. We have a variety of capabilities all under one roof, with the technical knowledge and expertise to fully support your needs.


Cost / Benefit expertise

We can make systems from multiple materials to find the right cost/feature benefit for your specific application. We’ve developed systems from 316 Stainless Steel to stand up to salt water, Aluminum for weight reduction, or mild steel for a cost prohibitive application.


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Application Spotlight:

MudBoat Mufflers

An industry retail partner approached us with a problem. They needed a superior solution to stand up to the harsh environments in the south. Customers were screaming for a better muffler system that will stand up to salt water and the corrosion that was destroying the existing mufflers on these Briggs and Stratton motors. With our expertise in stainless steel we were able to design a solution that would offer increased corrosion resistance and deliver value to their customers.


Our expert engineers were able to design a system in SolidWorks that would give excellent performance for the motor and also utilize our state of the art manufacturing to make it efficiently. We utilized our Horn Mandrel Benders to bend the tube while our Trumpf laser platform handled the tubing cuts and flanges. From there our fabrication team handles the muffler building and TIG welding. In the end, these mudboat fisherman get a lasting product that sounds and performs up to their specific needs.

We can build or design systems
for many small engines including:

  • Performance Automotive
    • GM LS, LT Platforms
    • Ford Coyote Platforms
    • MOPAR Platforms
  • Aftermarket Marine
    • Briggs & Stratton
    • Vanguard
    • Gator Tail
    • Boss
  • Aftermarket Motorcycle
    • Victory Engines
    • Indian Motorcycles
    • Harley Davidson
  • Gasoline Generators
    • Lincoln Electric Welders/Generators
    • Kohler Generators
    • Generac Generators

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